The Dalles Theatre Company


Join in the magic and fun by auditioning, assisting behind the scenes, purchasing a ticket, or making a financial contribution. Some of our proceeds go to the Shelia Burke Memorial Scholarship and the Historic Civic Auditorium Restoration Fund. Our telephone number is 541-980-8585.

We are looking for directors and play ideas. If you would like to direct or have some great play suggestions, please e-mail us. Our e-mail address is The subject of your email should say upcoming seasons.

Our secretary is going on vacation for a week. She will check our e-mail and telephone messages when she returns on September 15, 2018.

Our Next Production:
Doctor Faustus

"Doctor Faustus, a talented German scholar at Wittenburg, rails against the limits of human knowledge. He has learned everything he can learn, or so he thinks, from the conventional academic disciplines. All of these things have left him unsatisfied, so now he turns to magic. A Good Angle and an Evil Angel arrive, representing Faustus' choice between Christian conscience and the path to damnation. The former advises him to leave off this pursuit of magic, and the latter tempts him. From two fellow scholars, Valdes and Cornelius, Faustus learns the fundamentals of the black arts. He thrills at the power he will have, and the great feats he'll perform. He summons the devil Mephostophilis. They flesh out the terms of their agreement, with Mephostophilis representing Lucifer. Faustus will sell his soul, in exchange for twenty-four years of power, with Mephostophilis as servant to his every whim."


(The cast will wear modern clothing.)

Performances Dates:

Doors open half an hour before each performance.

To be announced

To be announced

Ticket Price(s):
To be announced

You may purchase tickets at the door.

President ~ Jordan Zachariasen
Vice President/Treasurer ~ Anne Wring
Executive Director ~ Dave Owens
~ Dawn Sheirbon
Publicity Coordinator ~ Linda Beiter
Ray Swift
Renee Gatchet

Our board is made up of local volunteers who love theatre. We conduct onsite business meetings the second Tuesdays of January, April, and September at Westwind Frame and Gallery, 412 East 2nd Street, The Dalles. The meetings start at 6:10 p.m. Visitors are welcome. (Our next meeting date has been changed to
September 18th due to a scheduling conflict.)

We also hold online meetings the second Tuesdays of February, March, May, June, July, August, October, November, and December.

There are a few positions available on our board. Please click here to fill out an application if you would like to join. If you would rather send a letter of intend please use our mailing address P.O. Box 577, The Dalles, Oregon 97058. You may also e-mail them to

We are proud members of Portland Area Theatre Alliance and American Association of Community Theatre.


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